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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Health Monitor

I found an unfamiliar magazine in the waiting room at my Rheumatologist the other day: The title is Arthritis Monitor, and when you flip the magazine over, starting from the back of that magazine is another one titled: Health Monitor. I was intrigued by this set-up. My doctor was doing some tests both before and after seeing me, so I had time to peruse the entire magazine, from both covers in. The focus of the Arthritis section is Rheumatoid Arthritis, while the focus of the Health section is Diabetes.
The magazine was well designed, with a variety of coping tips, personal anecdotes, short news and research related articles, and other items related to the topics. the RA section was much longer than the Diabetes section. On the cover was a notation that this was a take-home copy, which I did not do, since I had already read it all (though I did enjoy reading it), and also to visit their website, www.healthmonitor.com , which I did when I got home.
At the website, I found a much greater resource, on many more topics than just RA and Diabetes. I looked up 3 topics of specific interest to me, and these are the results I found: for Sjogren's Syndrome, there were 2 articles, for Fibromyalgia, 87 articles, and Gluten free, 27 articles. RA and Diabetes are their 'Super centers', the areas with most in depth info and resources, there are 9 'featured centers' and info on many more topics. Besides the articles, the website has patient stories, celebrity stories, recipes, motivation, and much more.
You can get a free 2 year subscription of the magazine delivered to your door, but you need not only your own name, address,etc., but your doctor's as well. (The Monitor is supposed to be from your doctor.) You can also sign up for newsletters on health, diabetes and/or RA
Check out the Health Monitor website. Poke around a bit. Do searches on whatever topics interest you. I think it is highly likely that you will find something that you can learn or use.      

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