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Monday, May 21, 2012

One Sock, Two Sock, Red Sock, Blue Sock

Just over a month ago, I turned 55. For some reason, it started me on a midlife crisis.  No red sports car and younger man for me.  I'm going all the way- I have started wearing mismatched socks. And not just any socks- I wear colorful, fun socks.  My favorites are from a store called  'Little Miss Matched'.  As their name suggests, they sell mismatched socks (and other fun things).  You can buy their socks in packages of three, each sock different, but linked by a common color scheme or design theme, or in bundles of various numbers of socks.  If you go to one of their stores, as I did when I was in Chicago last week, you can dig through a bin and pick out your own socks, mixing and (mis)matching them any way you like.
I have also bought pairs of socks to mismatch, some of which I have shared with my sister.  She is three years older than me, and has also recently gotten on a mismatched sock kick (pun intended).  One frustrating thing I have found with my new hobby is that most of  the interesting socks come just up to the ankle. I like socks that go higher, especially in winter. Where is the fun in having fun socks if they are hidden by your shoes?  Maybe that is the point, sort of like sexy undies.  When I am wearing my mismatched socks, even if no one notices them, I know they are there.  I feel more alive, more bold and daring.  Its like I have a secret. It makes me smile, which makes me feel happy, no matter what else is going on in my life.
Therein lies the reason I am sharing this.  My left foot, the one in the yellow and multicolored striped sock, is sitting on an ice bag, while my right foot, the one in the purple with multi-colored dots is sitting, nice and warm, nearby.  Having a body that frequently asks for negative attention, it is nice to have something about my body that could attract positive attention, and even provide humor for me and anyone else that notices. Health issues can make one too serious, if one isn't careful.  (one two serious?  won to serious?)  One must remain vigilant fo(u)r opportunities to be less serious.   
Wearing mismatched socks is a fun and fairly inexpensive way to add some interest and creativity to life. You don't even have to buy new socks if you don't want to.  Mismatch the ones you have.  Wear one black and one white sock with a black and white outfit.  If you aren't into socks, find other ways to humor yourself.  Wear a red bra and purple undies under your prim and proper business suit.  A more socially appropriate outlet could be wearing fun earrings.  I have a friend who always wears mismatched earrings, though you can also wear matching ones.  

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