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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Have Cane, I am Able

I bought a cane today.  I was at the drugstore, and they had a display of canes in different colors and patterns.  That is not what I went there for, but the display caught my eye.  I found one I liked, in a multi-color butterfly pattern, and bought it. No medical professional has ever suggested to me that I  use a cane, and my balance is good, but I tend to have alot of foot and leg pain.  I started with bursitis in my left hip about 25 years ago which never went away, and have had a variety of other issues along the route.  Most recently, the plantar fasciitis that I had for about 9 months last year now is back.      
A cane is sometimes thought of as an old person's tool, a sign that the body is giving out. (In history, canes have been used as fashion statements, for punishment and for self defense.   I found a website that touts an exercise/self defense program called "Cane Fu'.)   Though I got my cane because my body is giving out, I choose to look at it a different, more positive way.  I have had several episodes lately where the pain was so bad I wanted to sit down and cry, and never put weight on that foot again.  That wasn't an option, and I don't want it to be.  I want to continue to be able to go places and do things.  I am hopeful that the cane will  take some of the pressure off of my foot, making it less painful for me to walk.
This weekend is my youngest son's graduation from Case Western Reserve University.  Generally, when we are on campus, we do alot of walking.  I don't know from one day to the next how my foot will feel, and I tend to worry about the 'what if's'.  Using the cane will make it easier for me to get around on campus.  Knowing that has helped put the 'what if's' to sleep.   I'm not giving in to a body that is giving out.   My cane is for mobility, to help me maintain my freedom.  I plan to stay mobile for many more years, using whatever tools it takes.

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  1. Excellent attitude, Sheryl. Congrats on graduating a son from Uni; that's a huge accomplishment for the entire family.

    I have used a cane on and off for the last two decades and yes, they can be fun and functional. Enjoy the new accouterment and enhance your elan.