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Thursday, April 21, 2011

First Anniversary Blog Post

On 4/21/2010 I posted my first blog post.  I introduced myself, and in the second post I explained what Sjogren's Syndrome is.  I was writing almost every day back then, now I aim for 2-3 times/week.  A few days after that first post, my sister and I 'ran away from home' for an overnight in the Amish area of Ohio.  I remember being a bit worried about being away from home for two days, and not having access to my computer.  What would I do about my blog?  Now, two days doesn't faze me, but I try not to go much longer than that or my emails get out of hand, and I feel like I am falling behind in posting.
The biggest changes in my life in this past year include two additions and a subtraction.  The first addition is curled up between my knees, taking a bath.  She is a calico Siamese, and we have decided that she can share my husband's birthday in May, since we don't know her exact birth date.  Her name is Camille, short for chameleon.  The people we adopted her from were calling her Snow because she was mostly white with a dark tail and ears.  She started developing tan areas, so we changed her name.  This was the first I learned that Siamese cats start out white and develop their color as they mature.
The second addition in my life is the Chronic Illness/Chronic Pain Support Group I started running 3 months ago.  It is going well, 4-5 people in attendance at the last few sessions, with some people becoming regulars. We meet twice a month, each session has an education/discussion portion and a creative portion.  The past two sessions were about managing emotions and anger, and next week will be about stress management.  A few people aren't so keen on the creative portion, but most people like it.  It gives them new ways of expressing themselves, an outlet, a chance to learn new things about themselves.
The subtraction in my life was the elimination of gluten from my diet.  That is a more recent change, and I have written about it lately, so I won't write about it now.
For a child, a year is a long time.  For someone my age, sometimes they seem to go by so quickly.  Overall it has been a good year.  My pain and fatigue are relatively in control.  I can still work and do most of the things I want to and need to do.  I am still enjoying writing this blog, though sometimes it gets to be a challenge finding the time I need to write.
People sometimes ask me about my art, and I don't know what to tell them.  The time I used to use for art is now used for writing and preparing for my support group.  They are all creative endeavors, but I do miss the art sometimes.  I believe that people will make time for those things that are really important to them.  On occasion, I do take some time to work on an art project.  At some point, I will decide that it is time to make it a priority in my life again, and I will find a way to do it.


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