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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dance Dance Revolution

A couple of years ago, I decided to get a Wii, and the popular workout program, Wii Fit.  I got the Wii, but the stores were always out of stock on the Wii Fit.  After a few months of searching, I found the Wii Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 2.  (Other game systems have their versions of this, too).  I used to like to dance, so I decided to try it.
I used it regularly for a few weeks, then off and on for awhile, then seldom.  Fairly typical way that people do any exercise routine.  Since last July, I have been fairly diligent about exercising, and I have written about my 2 usual routines, Pilates and Water Walking.  I was looking forward to going to Pilates today, because I have been working at the hospital for the past week and a half, and missed the classes.  We had quite a bit of snow yesterday, and many schools are closed today.  I know that our Pilates instructor has difficulty getting there when the roads are bad, so I went to my backup plan, my Wii. 
Dance Dance Revolution has a floor mat, maybe 45 inches square, set up like a tic tac toe board.  It has arrows marking front, back, right and left.  There are also hand held devices called nunchucks.  While the songs are playing, there are cues on the screen for which of the 4 directions to step on, as well as which hand to shake.  (I just shake my hands continuously, so I have fewer cues to watch.)  While dancing, you get feedback about how well you are doing, as far as hitting the the beats of the music with your feet and hands.

There are 4 levels, I stick with the beginner and basic levels. The program has different modes, I use the workout mode, which tells how many calories used.  There are also modes for instruction, dance for fun and for competition.  You can compete against other people, the program, or against yourself.  You can even create your own 'Mii", the character that represents you dancing on the screen   There are many songs to choose from, as well as workout mixes of about 6 songs in a row.  
I really enjoy this program.  Never mind that I often get boos, and I get a score of 'D' as often as I get a score of 'A'.  I enjoy it anyway, and I get just as good a workout no matter how well I hit the beats.   There are many ways to customize your dance experience, such as turning off the jump, which makes it lower impact. You can also customize by sitting down between songs and keeping it at the beginner level. 
Share your favorite ways to exercise, and how you adapt it (if you need to adapt it).


  1. I remember dance dance revolution way back high school. I think we were still using PlayStation during that time. Well, this dance game is indeed a good physical activity to burn some calories. Its not boring and you can play it with someone else so its really fun.

  2. Whoa I used to dance with ps player with dance dance revo. I can still remember how fit I was back then. And it's really fun and very good workout tool.