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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Just a short post today about ICE.  This is a great lifesaving development.  It stands for 'In Case of Emergency'.  In your phone or whatever device you may carry around in which you save phone numbers, add an entry under ICE or I.C.E., and put the name and phone number(s) of the person or people who should be contacted in case you are ever in an accident, get sick, or are in any way incapacitated.  Emergency workers will look for this entry, and contact that person to let them know of your condition.
Under ICE in both my cell phone (which I seldom use) and my IPod Touch I have my husband's name and contact info. I was recently talking to someone who is married to a firefighter, and she said they really do look for this info. It makes it much easier for them to know who to contact, and it takes some worry out of life, knowing that this info is readily handy when needed (of course, we all hope it won't be needed).  
I know this is being used in the US.  If you live in another country, check and see if there is a similar program where you live.  If not, you might want to try to get it started. 

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