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Friday, October 29, 2010

Bottom Line

I get a publication called Bottom Line Health, which is a monthly publication, full of tidbits on a variety of health related topics, including the most recent research findings.  I found out about it from one of my husband's issues of Bottom Line Personal.  That publication, which comes every 2 weeks, has all kinds of info and updates on topics far and wide- health, money, travel, business, and almost any topic you can think of, and many I would not have thought of.  I really enjoy reading both of these publications.
They also have other publications, Bottom Line Natural Healing, Bottom Line Retirement, and Bottom Line Wealth (These last 2 are no longer being published, but they have articles published in the past available online).  Their website, www.bottomlinesecrets.com has lots of good info, as well.  I just signed up to receive their free e-letters, on three topics, secrets (general info), health, and women's health.  I expect these to be as interesting and helpful as their print publications.  Each of the publications contain in depth articles as well as little tidbits, so you get alot for your buck. The articles are written by their staff of experts, many of them doctors, and they also interview other people to get a broader knowledge base.
I recommend looking into these publications, literally.

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