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Friday, August 20, 2010

Guided Imagery For $.99

I have written in the past about the benefits of guided imagery.  My dear hubby just told me about a source he found that has 200 guided imagery downloads for MP3 players for only 99 cents each.  The source?  Amazon.com.  Some are specific scenes, such as a beach or a desert island, others are for specific needs, such as pain relief, stopping smoking, anxiety, sleep, self esteem, and pre/post surgery.  There are a number of downloads that are geared towards improving performance, such as in sports.  Some are just music, or sounds such as ocean waves, others talk you through  an experience such as a walk in a forest.  I even saw one that teaches you how to create your own guided imagery.

You don't need an MP3 player, the soundtracks can be downloaded onto a computer, put on a CD, put on your IPod, etc. You can listen to a sampling of any of them, so you can be sure you like it before you buy.  The listing gives you the title of the 'song' the artist, the title of the album it is from, and the length of the piece.  The lengths ranged from about 3 minutes up to 48 minutes.  Check it out- there is something there for everyone (almost).

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