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Monday, August 19, 2013

Bee Venom and Gluten Cutter:Updates

A few weeks ago, I got stung six times by yellowjackets. The rest of that day it felt like they continued to sting me. The next day was less painful, but then the itching began. It was like five mosquito's intensity, in patches from about one inch to about two inches in diameter. The itching took most of a week before it began to subside, and though they no longer itch, the patches are still visible.
The week it happened, I wrote about the use of bee venom as a therapy for inflammation, pain, and other issues. At the time, my 30-ish year old hip bursitis and long-standing pain along my IT band in my left leg were gone. On the seventh day, God rested (oh, wait, wrong story). On the seventh day, there were twinges in my bursa, and by the twelfth day, my leg was back to its usual self.
That was wonderful week without one of my main sources of ongoing pain. On the other hand, The itching caused its own form of discomfort. I am still unsure if I would be willing to get bee venom therapy, but I am now thinking of looking into it, whether it is available near home, how much it costs, does insurance cover it, etc. I would not get it on my arms, where the itching was the worst, maybe on my back, where it wasn't as bad. Maybe. Just maybe.
On another topic, I discovered a new product a month ago, Gluten Cutter. I tried it, and it worked, so I used it to pigged out on gluten on a vacation. (Wrote about it here.)  Since being home, I eat less gluten, so I am using it less. Sometimes now, I get a stomach ache/acid reflux either that day or the next, symptoms I used to get from gluten. I have been experimenting with taking two Gluten Cutter capsules, and also with trying other products on the market. I am also limiting myself to 1-2 gluten items per week. Apparently, I can eat some gluten, if I am careful, I just haven't found the magic threshold yet. If you do try Gluten Cutter or another product, leave a comment. I'd like to know how it works for you.      

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