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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Daily Grommet- My Favorite Shopping Site

The Jewish holiday of Hanukkah started last night. It lasts for eight days, and it is traditional to give gifts every night. What people often do, us included, is to give one larger gift, and the rest smaller gifts. One year, among the things I gave my oldest son were a package of ping pong balls and boxer shorts. Another thing my husband and I do is put away things we buy ourselves in the month leading up to Hanukkah, and have the other person wrap them for us. Usually by the time we open them, we forgot what they were, so we get a surprise, the fun of opening a gift, and we know it is something we want.
Exchanging gifts is fun, in my opinion. I know many people get anxious about it. The way I look at it, if you get rid of your expectations, then you won't be disappointed by any gifts you get, or even if you get no gift. Whatever I get, it is something I did not have before, so it is a fine gift. As for giving gifts, I don't worry if it is the wrong color, costs more or less than what they gave me, etc. If I have made an honest effort, then I did my best, and that is good enough.
Online shopping has made gift giving much easier for folks with mobility issues. My favorite site this year is Daily Grommet. A quote from their website says "Whether it's a love of innovative design, social and green enterprises, hand crafted goods, a quest for unique gifts, or a desire to support new technologies, Daily Grommet has an inspiring set of stories and products to fill that need."  You can search the many categories for products, or  enter a word or two into their search line. You can sign up to get daily emails with their Daily Grommet picks, and even suggest a product for them to feature. There is a fun section called the Citizens' Gallery where they have 49 pages of products people have suggested. Daily Grommet has many products I have seen nowhere else, products that solve everyday problems, and fill needs I never knew I had. Several have intrigued me and gotten my creative juices flowing.
Check out the Daily Grommet site, explore what they have to offer. Don't be surprised if you have trouble narrowing down your choices.

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