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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Power of "Thank You"

I have written several times about being grateful for what you have, looking for the the positives in life, etc. I actually think it is a sad comment on our society that we need a day on which to give thanks, when we would do much better as individuals and as a nation if we were thankful every day. Generally when we think about 'giving thanks' on Thanksgiving, we mean thanking God for the bounty that we have in our lives. That is also the kind of thanks we imply when we say we are grateful for something. I want to talk about another kind of thanks.
Imagine a world where everyone said “Thank you”, every time someone did something nice for them. Imagine hearing that 'Thank you”, and how good it would make you feel. (Actually, for most of us, doing something nice for someone makes us feel good in itself, the “Thank you” is just a bonus.) On the other hand, if you do nice things for someone and they never acknowledge it, you may wonder why you bother.
So you do something nice, and get that good feeling, and they thank you, which makes you feel even better, prompting you to do more nice things... Imagine this happening again and again to you, to the people you do nice things for, the people they do nice things for, and it snowballs, collecting more and more people both doing nice things for others, and saying “Thank you” when someone does something nice for them.
Saying 'Thank you” is not just for when someone does something out of the ordinary, or for strangers. It is also for the person who makes your dinner, takes out your garbage, etc., to let them know you appreciate what they do for you. It would get tedious to both say and to hear 'Thank you” every time for every little thing, especially for things that the person does on a regular basis. How about making a point to say “Thank you” at least once a day (or once a week, or whatever time-frame seems appropriate for less frequent things).
Let's start an appreciation revolution, making sure that the people who help us and are there for us know how much we appreciate them and what they do. Make saying “Thank you” a habit, and pass it on. Thank you for reading this.  

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