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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

An Artist Returns

When I started this blog over 2 years ago, I intended to write about my art at times, as it was a major part of my life, and an excellent way to cope. That didn't happen, because I have not been doing much art these past two years. When people have asked how my art was going, I hesitated to answer. I told them that I was putting my creative efforts into writing this blog, and running my Chronic Illness/Chronic Pain Support Group. That's only part of the truth.
Every once in awhile, I go into an art funk, where I let it get to me that I am not selling much of my art. I start thinking "Why am I bothering to make this stuff if it is just going to pile up?" I had quit doing art festivals because they were too hard on me physically, and the amount of money I made at them did not make it worth hiring someone to help. I have my art gallery, which was actually more my husband's idea than mine. My art had lost its magic for me.
In recent blogs I have written several times about my increased pain issues, and about a necklace pendant I bought with the Hebrew word 'Tikvah', which means 'Hope'.  A friend suggested last week that maybe I needed to do some art. Last Saturday I was in bad shape, fearing I would end up as a patient on the psych ward where I work as an occupational therapist. I went into my studio and started to design a piece that intertwines the words 'Tikvah', in Hebrew, and 'Hope', in English. I worked on it for several hours Saturday and again on Sunday. As soon as I sat down at my drawing table, I felt better. I still hurt physically, but emotionally I felt the anxiety and depression dissipate. The physical pain is no longer as vast and as all encompassing.
I remember now- I don't create my art for other people, though if others like it, and better yet, buy it, that is a bonus. I create my art for me. It feels good to create. When I am working on my art, I am focused, 'in the zone'. It is almost like meditation for me. And in the end, a thing of beauty exists that never existed before.
I plan to share my art with you, including some 'how to's'. Meanwhile, what is your art? What do you create? What gets you 'in the zone'? What heals your emotional pain?

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