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Sunday, July 31, 2011

My Health Trumps Fashion

I have never been interested in the latest fashions, and never bought into the 'look younger' hype. That has made it fairly easy for me to adapt my style based on needs of my body, rather than current trends. I never felt comfortable in high heels, the highest I ever wore was probably 1 inch, and it had to be more of a wedge than a spike. Now my shoes are all flats, with plenty of toe room, and if there isn't enough arch support, I put more in.

I used to wear a little makeup, but not consistently, and I never got into a routine with it. These days I have enough things that I have to do to keep all my orifices and surfaces clean, moist and healthy. I can't imagine having to put on makeup in the morning and then cleaning it off in the evening, as well as making sure it doesn't get smudged when I put in eye drops. My mom used to tell me that men would be more interested in me if I dressed nicer and wore makeup. I told her that if that is what they were looking at, then they weren't looking at me. I did find a wonderful man who likes me just the way I am. I didn't even wear makeup for my own wedding 14 ½ years ago.
This past year I have had problems with skin pain, It started with hypersensitivity on the left side of my torso, and has since expanded to include both arms and both thighs. I don't have it all the time, and not predictably, though I am paying attention to it to try to figure out what triggers it. I have seldom worn a regular bra for the past 7 months. I wear a sports bra sometimes, but most often I wear one of those workout tops with a built in bra shelf, or just a tank top under my shirt.
The most recent in my fashion bucking trend is that I have decided not to shave my legs. I usually go through the winter without shaving, because no one sees my legs then anyway. Then I start to shave again in the late spring, when I start to wear capris, shorts or skirts. This year I have had severe pain in my left hip and down my thigh. The worst pain comes from standing or staying in any static position. It hurts just to think about shaving my legs. I kept putting it off later and later into the season, wearing shorts and skirts that exposed my fur, and not really caring who noticed. The ultimate challenge came a few weeks ago when I went to a wedding in a nice dress, with hairy legs (and flats). Guess what happened? NOTHING. No one commented, or made ugly faces at me, I was not kicked out or chastised or ridiculed.
Now that everyone is thoroughly disgusted and sickened by what I must look like, let me tell you why I am writing this. It is to show you that you don't have to conform to what other people expect. Whether it be because you want to make your own fashion statement, or because you are like me and your health is a higher priority than your vanity, make your own rules (or lack thereof). You are beautiful just the way you are.

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  1. Shaving went by the way 25 years ago when my husband said, “You don’t have to do that to make me happy.” We were living offshore Key West where we wore bathing suits and shorts ten months a year. I love it. Now I live in SF Bay Area, another place where no one looks askance when you don’t shave. Of course, we wear mostly long pants here.