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Sunday, April 3, 2011

I just returned today from the Sjogren's Syndrome Foundation national patient conference.  I will write about it in another post.  Yesterday, while walking around the Reston Town Center, a shopping/restaurant area near our hotel, we witnessed a magical moment.  In the plaza behind the hotel there were a bunch of rose petals strewn on the ground in a vaguely heart-shaped pattern, quickly getting dispersed by the wind.  My friend Mary said "We must have just missed it," thinking it had been part of the wedding we had seen getting set up in the hotel.  A man nearby said "You didn't miss it.  It is about to start. Sit down,"  he indicated a park bench nearby.
We sat, and within moments a young couple approached, and he lead her into the center of the rose petals.  He handed her a white rose that had been lying on the ground, and she added it to the bunch already in her hand. They then talked, whispered, giggled and hugged, eyes shining.  He got down on one knee, and put a ring on her finger.  They kissed, and the bystanders (and sitters) cheered and clapped.  Apparently, her answer was yes.  We congratulated the couple, and went on our way to find dinner.  (I realized later that the man who told us to sit had been recording, we had interrupted it, and are now a permanent part of this couple's history.)
There are magical moments all around us, some momentous, such as this one, some minute, such as a bud popping open, or an ant dragging 4 times its weight.  Observing these moments can bring joy and wonder, at the nature of love and the love of nature.  They can jolt you out of your doldrums, and remind you of the goodness of life.  Be open to experiencing and observing the world as you find it.  It is more fascinating than any reality or fantasy TV show or movie could ever be.

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