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Friday, August 6, 2010

Snake Venom is Not Snake Oil

For several months I have been using a product called Cobroxin, and it seems to really work well for me. It is for chronic pain relief.  It  has to build up in your system, so does not work for acute pain.   The active ingredient, believe it or not, is cobra venom.  There are two products, a gel that you rub on the affected area for local pain relief, and a spray which you spray on your tongue for general pain relief.  Please note that this review is my personal experience with this product.  I am not a doctor, and cannot prescribe medication.

I first learned about Cobroxin this past winter from Arthritis Today magazine, a publication of the Arthritis Foundation, where it said that Cobroxin had become a sponsor of the foundation.  I have been using both the spray and the gel.  I have an area on my left arm which is hypersensitive. Usually, it burns constantly, feeling like freshly scraped skin.  I put the Cobroxin gel on it twice a day, and  the pain is gone.  I have tried several times to stop using the gel, and the burning comes back within two days.  I do still have some problems with that area of skin, it hurts when cold air blows on it, such as air conditioning.  I have to wear sleeves or a piece of stockinette when I am in AC, but at least the constant pain is gone.

I don't have as specific an example of the efficacy of the spray, but I believe it is also helping.  I have not stopped using it to see if any pain increases without it.  About one month ago, at the suggestion of my PCP, I stopped taking Mobic, (a prescription NSAID) because of frequent nausea.  I initially took Naproxin instead, but have discontinued it, and only take it for specific issues.  I have not been taking any pain meds regularly other than the Cobroxin for a few weeks, yet I do not have constant pain anywhere in my body right now.  I do still have pain in my knee if I move it wrong, and various other places at times, but I actually have times when I forget I have chronic pain issues.

According to the Cobroxin website, it has been clinically proven to treat a variety of chronic pain conditions, including arthritis, migraines and neuralgias in the moderate range (one place on the site says 2-6 on a 10 point pain scale, anothe rplace said 4-7).  Cobra venom was first used for pain relief in ancient China, and there is a long list of research references.  The dosage for either the spray or gel is 3-4 times per day initially, reducing to 1-2 times per day once it starts working.  Cobroxin is available from their website, from various other websites including drugstore.com, and at places like Walgreen's and CVS  drug stores.  The gel and spray are each around $19.95. I think it is worth it.

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  1. I'm so glad you are able to get some relief from the pain that you are experiencing. At 72, I also suffer from intense joint pain and use the same product for relief. I've quoted you on my blog: http://wwwqualitywebnavigator.blogspot.com/ if you don't want to be quoted, just let me know at thomas.bergel@yahoo.com and I'll remove it. I love your blog and will return often.