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Monday, June 7, 2010

Of Tornadoes and Flea Markets

We get tornado watches several times every summer, and an occasional tornado warning. A watch means conditions are favorable, while a warning means there has been an actual sighting. There is seldom any

The other day my husband and I were in the Amish FIea market in Walnut Creek, OH.  "Attention all customers and vendors. There is a tornado right outside. No one is allowed out of the building."  So what do most of the people do (including me)?  We rushed over to the nearest  window to look outside. Where is one of the worst places to be when a tornado is nearby?  By the window.

So why did we all rush over to the window?  Curiosity. Excitement.  Bragging rights of being able to say, "I was there. I saw it."  It is human nature to 'rubberneck' to see an accident as we drive by it.

About a half hour after that tornado warning was lifted, there was another one, this time they announced it was near Berlin, about six miles away.  The whole time we were at the flea market, people were telling anyone who would listen what they had seen or heard about the tornadoes.  (There were varied reports of minor damage from the second tornado.)  An  hour later, they announced that there were more storms approaching, they were closing the flea market so everyone could get home before they hit.

The pace of my life has slowed as my body's abilities have changed.  I look for a different kind of excitement, but I still like some excitement.   I think a little excitement is good for the soul.  It adds some spice to life, something to talk about, to connect with others over.  Just because some of the things I used to enjoy are beyond my abilities now, doesn't mean my life has ended.  I used to love rides that went upside-down, that went fast and felt dangerous. (Of course, we all knew that they really weren't dangerous.)  Now, my favorite type of ride is a carousel.  I like the music, the rhythm of the motion, and the artistry of the animals. I find a carousel exciting, but in a different way than the roller coasters I used to ride. 

Most people like some excitement in their lives.  The amount varies greatly.  Every year bigger and more outrageous roller coasters are built and new horror movies come out.  People take dangerous risks just for the fun of it.  I like my life fairly predictable, but I wanted to see a tornado up close (but not too close).  I did not see it, but some people on the other side of the building said they did.  That's okay.  Exploring the Flea market was enough excitement for me.

What kind of excitement do you like?  Has your taste for excitement changed over the years?  I'd like to hear from my readers.

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