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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Favorite Blogs on Chronic Pain

I would like to introduce you to some blogs I have found recently. The first one is "How To Cope With Pain". It is written by a psychiatrist who works mostly with chronic pain patients, and has had chronic pain himself,, so he 'gets it'.  This blog is part of his website, also titled "How To Cope With Pain" , with a variety of info on topics including breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, who to see for pain, and pain organizations (no, not organizations where our various pains get together and talk about new techniques to torture us, but organizations whose mission is to educate patients and practitioners about pain and treatments for it).  He also has contests for readers to submit posts, and he posts his favorites.

Another blog I have recently found is 'Dr. Abby Caplin's "Permission to Heal" '.  This blog is also written by a doctor.  Dr. Caplin specializes in mind-body medicine and counseling.  She has Crohn's disease, so she 'get's it', too. Dr. Caplin introduces her blog with this sentence, "This blog is for people living with chronic illness, who might be up in the middle of the night, or down in the middle of the day."  Yep, that's us.  

One other blog I want to mention.  A 'Chronic Pain Blog', subtitled: Life With Chronic Pain; A How To Guide, written by Sue Falkner-Wood.  She was a nurse, who has Sjogren's Syndrome.  She has lots of readers, and lots of comments on each post, making a nice interactive community. Her blog is part of a great website called 'Everyday Health', which has all kinds of health related resources.

I hope you find these blogs interesting and useful.  I have other favorites, which I will share in the future. What are your favorite blogs?  Please share with me and my readers.  I would like to make this an interactive community, like the one Sue has.


  1. Hi! I saw your blog on how to cope with pain. I think you might like blog. I am a raw vegan graduate student with RSD/CRPS. I also work for crazysexylife.com and have written a few guest posts. This one went up this week: http://crazysexylife.com/2010/health-challenges-ten-tips-for-happiness/

    Looking forward to getting to know you! I will put you on my blog list, so I can see when you update.

  2. Hi Tough Cookie- Not only did I check out your post, but I also explored crazysexylife.com, and your blog as well. All great reads. I am going to add them to my Favorites. Thanks for commenting, and letting me know about them.