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Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Yesterday I talked about the benefits of coloring.  Today I have an example of one of my pieces, which started out as a scribble, and developed from there. This is 'Wingless', colored pencil on black paper. The original is about 9" x 12".  I had just  started playing around with the idea of drawing on black paper, so I was scribbling and experimenting.  I did the body area first, just making strokes of differnt colors, overlaapping them, seeing what would happen.

I liked how it came out, so I decided to try doing some strokes with fewer colors, in a more organized pattern.  The area of the head developed from that.  I looked at the 2 areas I had colored, and thought it looked like some kind of creature.  I made a neck to connect the 2 parts, then added  the eye and the beak.  I then did the legs, then the tail, and added the plant to balance and fill in the space. 

I couldn't figure out what kind of wings would work on him, so I decided not to put any wings, hence the name 'Wingless'.  As an occupational therapist, adaptation and function are my middle names.  (Not really, but you know what I mean.)  I couldn't leave the guy helpless, so I taught him how to use his feet to take care of himself.  Here you can see how he uses his feet to feed himself.

Get yourself some paper, I prefer black, but you can use whatever you like.  Get yourself some colored pencils, I like Prismacolor best. Crayons and pastels, both oil and regular work  too, but unless you get the pastel pencils, you won't be able to do much detail.  Markers would work on white paper, not on black. Start to play. Make lines of different colors, see what happens. You may create a master piece, or you may not.  Set aside your criticle mind, and have fun.  If your scribblings suggest a pattern to you, like mine did, add in the details to complete your drawing.  If not, that's OK too.   Do as many drawings as you like. 

If you don't like the unstructured feel of blank paper, get some of the posters or coloring books I listed in Sheryl's Store, (the link is located on the right side of this page.)  Whichever you do, it should get you out of your self for awhile, so you aren't thinking about any of the negatives in your life for awhile.

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