Papercut and colored pencil art by Sheryl Aronson X 5

Friday, April 23, 2010


I had planned to post this image yesterday- Earthday, but ran out of time.  It is colored pencil, about 18" x 14".  I drew it for a Hadassah (a Jewish Women's organization) event titled 'Keepers of the Earth'.  I like that title, but I also like 'Its in our Hands', which is what I titled the art.  At one of the committee meetings before the event, I was telling the group about what I planned to draw.  One person there asked "How can you tell that one hand is old and the other young?"  The child's hand is rounded and plump, the elderly hand is angular, gnarled and translucent.  I hope that we can repair the earth before we pass it on, so that it will be rounded and plump, rather than angular and gnarled.

There is a Jewish concept of 'Tikkun Olam', Repair of the World.  I will write about that in a future post, and how repairing the world repairs us, as well.  Right now, I gotta run- my sister will be here any minute.  We are going to run away together for our first sisters' overnight. I will write about that when we return. "Its always good to get away and renew your spirit with someone who really means something to you."  Said Marcy, who arrived as I wrote this.  "Let's go to the park," she said.  "Come, Spot, come Sally.  We will go to the park."  Mother said "Take your sweaters.  I am cold."  TTFN

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